We finally got dad out of the house to see a movie today.  The film was fun, but not really the point of this post.  It’s good that dad is at a stage now that he feels comfortable outside the house for a few hours now, and that he’s willing to do it again.  It’s better for everyone if he doesn’t stay cooped up inside all day!  But there’s the worry we may have to take him back to the hospital, too.  Just have to take things a day at a time right now.

Clear Eyes

Today was my check up with the retina specialist. It looks like my little hemorrhage in my left eye has healed by itself! At this point, my next check up is a year away, so I’ll deal with that when the time comes. But for now I’m in the clean. Ironically, this was one of the very few times where ignoring the problem would have worked just as well, heh. Better that I got it looked at, of course.

While they normally give me eyedrops to dilate my pupils, today they also gave me drops to help reverse that process, so my eyes would go back to normal in half the time. I must have blinked too quickly for one of the drops – later in the day I had one eye with normal dilation and one eye very dilated. I swear, I don’t have any serious brain trauma!

Hitting the trail

Last week I dropped my old bicycle off at a sports store for a tune-up.  I got it back today.  It’s not that my bike had any major issues, it just seemed like a good idea after so many years of disuse.  But I plan on changing that!  I’m going biking again!  There’s actually a very nice nature preserve a stone’s throw from the apartment with some nice biking trails.  So I’ve been buying some accessories for my bike – a new bike lock, a pouch for my phone, a gel cover for the seat – things that would be useful to have, you know?  And it also helps that I won’t be the only one biking.

Not seeing red

I had my second visit with the retina specialist today.  Between the first visit and this one, the hemorrhage in my eye has shrunken on it own.  That’s good news!  Means it’s healing by itself, and that no treatment is required at this time.  I’ll be doing a follow up in the spring, so fingers crossed that it’s gone away by then.  I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m heading in the right direction.

Random Thoughts for the Day

Once again, I need to blog, but can’t think of a long enough topic.  Time to recycle the ol’ Random Thoughts for the Day routine!

– After not having Knott’s chicken in quite some time, I ended up eating there twice this week!  Don’t worry, I had different meals each time.

– I’ve been adding YoJoe archive entries on my end, so we haven’t forgotten about them!  We’ve just been working on the backend some more.

– Am I the only one who wants to see a sequel for the Incredibles?

– The optometry appointment next week will require some logistical planning, as it sounds like I really won’t want to drive afterwards.

– Why are the special features of Star Trek into Darkness not going to be available all in one place???

Appointment set

I had my annual eye exam about a month ago.  Unfortunately, in one of the routine photographs they took of my retina, there was a small lighter patch in the bottom left corner.  It’s something that requires looking it, lest it turn into something irreparable.  I finally got around to setting the appointment with the specialist for next week, so hopefully I can get this taken care of sooner rather than later and put the whole thing behind me.  Wish me luck!


There were plans of a celebratory nature to do with my girlfriend tonight, but they all sort of fell apart at the last minute.  My girlfriend wasn’t feeling well!  She was actually considering cancelling altogether today, and putting it off later, but I convinced her I could still come over.  I’m glad I did.  Though we went to McDonald’s instead of Korean BBQ, she was feeling much better by the end of it.  A much cheaper evening than I expected!  But we’ll still do a nice dinner on the weekend.