Digging Up the Past

Talking with a friend about our mutual love of Ghostbusters over the weekend reminded me that there were live shows at Universal Studios Florida.  I even got to see two different ones on my two different visits.  The best one was by far the stage show, the Ghostbusters Spooktacular, I saw in 1994.  I was glad to see there are videos of it up on Youtube.  We only had still cameras to work with, but I do still have the brochure!

Ghostbusters Spooktacular

Here we go again

Obviously with the release of new Star Wars movie toys, I’ve been keeping tabs on things.  But I haven’t bought a whole lot!  Trying my best to keep to Original Trilogy figures, with better articulation than is standard these days.  So far it’s been easy to resist temptation.  Let’s see how long that lasts after I see the new film.

This message will not self-destruct

After watching the latest Mission Impossible movie, I’ve been rewatching the others.  At this point, the only one I haven’t viewed recently is the third film.  I feel confident saying that the second movie is the weakest, though.  The plot is pretty dull and forgettable, and the John Woo wirework style is really at odds with the rest of the series.  But hey, at least Luther was in it for more than three minutes!

More Masamune Media

I’ve been catching up on the various Appleseed animations.  First was Appleseed XIII followed by Appleseed α.  I didn’t really need to see them in that order, but I just wanted to go with the chronological release schedule.

Kind of disappointed in XIII!  There was a lot a filler from reused animation, constant flashbacks, and  a shoehorned theme that didn’t really seem to fit what the story actually was.  And the animation seemed older than it actually was.  Sort of what I expected from a 90s TV show, not something from 2011.  Maybe American CG shows have a higher budget?

Appleseed α was more what I was expecting.  Very high quality CG graphics, coupled with an interesting story.  I suppose that’s the difference between a smaller Japanese studio and Sony, but I wasn’t expecting XIII to be Pixar quality, y’know?

Winter Soldier in Autumn

I watched the second Captain America movie again with a former roommate today.  He had yet to see the film and was actually falling behind on the Marvel movies.  The horror!  Anyways, though he was doing pretty well at guessing the twists that were coming, he didn’t guess all of them.  I was actually rather pleased there were still some surprises in store for him.

Vinyl balloon and friends

Saw Big Hero 6 today with friends.  It was a very fun movie, and one that was a bit different than your standard superhero fare.  It seemed to go out of its way to show the fantastical events having (some) basis in science.  No magic, just well-funded college students.  Suspension of disbelief issues with that aside, it did make for some great visuals.  Though it wasn’t terribly hard to figure out the mystery of the bad guy, I wasn’t disappointed with the execution.