My poor wallet

I purchased a new laptop today.  Weird to say, it’s the biggest purchase I’ve made so far in my life.  I know at this point, I should have bought a car or house or something, but I have yet to go down that path.  Which probably explains my nonexistent credit score.  At any rate, this new laptop is Star Wars themed, has pretty good specs, and will hopefully last for quite a while.  My current laptop is dying a slow death, complete with loose monitor connection and sporadic crashes.  I’m definitely due for an upgrade!

Still Experimenting with the Camera

I’ve changed up the method a little in how I take my action figure pictures.  Instead of the regular white backdrop that came with my photobooth, I’m using legal paper the backdrop was really transparent and not all that white.  Plus, since it was fabric, it attracted lint all the time and wrinkled incredibly easily.  I’m also sticking a gray card in the background of all my pics.  I’ve had a gray card since 2003 or so, but I just haven’t incorporated it in my pics until now.  A gray card is what you use to color balance photographs for film cameras.  You would set your F-stop once, take a photo of the gray card, and then photograph what you wanted.  Any time you changed the aperture or lighting or film, you would photograph the gray card again.  I’d been wanting to use the gray card in my figure pics for a while, but since I was using the fabric backdrop, I couldn’t figure out how to fit the gray card in – my DSLR resets the color balance on every pic.  With the legal paper, I have enough paper to fill the background of the figure pic, but still have enough space to squeeze the gray card into every photo.  The Levels window in Photoshop has a dropper that identifies “middle gray” – which is what a gray card is.  That helps color balance everything.  I’ve photographed a few figures already this way, and I think it’s really helping.

New Phone

Upgraded to an iPhone 6 last week!  Thankfully, I no longer have to put up with the broken lock button of my old iPhone 4S.  It’s a bit weird, though – I’m so used to just letting my screen turn off on its own, I sometimes forget to turn it off on my new phone.  Old habits and all that.  At any rate, I’ve already picked up the requisite secondary purchases: a new protective case, and several power cords.  The former because I’m clumsy, the latter because of convenience.

What’s going on here?

I wanted to post something yesterday, but I found I wasn’t able to do anything!  Somehow, wordpress wasn’t able to communicate with my database at all.  Which caused problems.  And worry, can’t forget that!

I barely know what I’m doing with wordpress sometimes, so for something to break like this, I was not feeling at ease.  Of course, I also know I likely wasn’t the one at fault, either.  I hadn’t messed with the database at all, and the last time I checked, my website was working just fine.

I did a little research, and it looked like I had two options: do nothing and wait for my webhost to fix the issue, or change my password.  I changed my password, but it had no immediate effect.  Hopefully, this was an issue on the host company side of things.

I guess it was, because my website is back now.  Let that be a lesson, kids:  all your problems go away as long as you wait for someone else to fix them for you!

Not again

One of my wordpress plugins is acting up again.  I actually did a full reinstall of wordpress on Saturday night, but that didn’t actually fix the problem.  Simply turning off that plugin made this functional again, but it doesn’t really solve the issue so much as avoid it.  This is the same plugin that started screwing up wordpress the first time around, so maybe it’s on that end?  Either way, I can’t use the mobile app.

Technology Update

My dad got a shiny new tablet for his birthday, which means I am not the proud owner of a first generation iPad!  Okay, maybe that’s not too impressive at this point, but it’s still a fun thing to have.  I never really liked watching videos on my iPhone since the screen was so small, so having a larger tablet will be much better for that.  It’s just too bad I can’t update the iOS, some of my apps are ending support for 5.1.1 soon.  I did find adapters to add a camera on there, though!

Blackest of Fridays

Did a little Black Friday shopping today, but no midnight browsing or line waiting.  It helps that we don’t really need any big purchases right now, but it also seems like it’s not worth the stress.  And if you think about it, it’s a bit wrong, too.  Big screen televisions – the biggest allure of Black Friday sales – nobody buys those for other people.  The best you do is rationalize that it’s a gift “for the entire family,” but it’s really for yourself.  But Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season (or at least, it used to be).  Technically, you’re supposed to be buying gifts for other people!