Figuring out the schedule

With the start of the new television season, I am once again trying to determine how my viewing schedule will work out.  There are several shows I like that air on Tuesday nights, while my Wednesday is practically empty.  I’ve even picked up a few Friday shows, too.  It’ll be an interesting mix of watching live, with or without my parents, watching off the DVR, or choosing On Demand options.  I can make it work!

Lost and Found

While searching for one of the last GI Joe story books I don’t yet have, I stumbled upon something strange, but kind of cool.  It’s a VHS presentation of some GI Joe story books!  The illustrations from the book and the audio from the accompanying cassette were put together with some additional illustrations and some rudimentary animation to make these stories.  When I saw the tape for sale, I knew it was something I had to get in my hands.  I’d never even heard of it before!  And thankfully the tape itself is in really good condition – this program isn’t in danger of being lost any time soon.

Blackest of Fridays

Did a little Black Friday shopping today, but no midnight browsing or line waiting.  It helps that we don’t really need any big purchases right now, but it also seems like it’s not worth the stress.  And if you think about it, it’s a bit wrong, too.  Big screen televisions – the biggest allure of Black Friday sales – nobody buys those for other people.  The best you do is rationalize that it’s a gift “for the entire family,” but it’s really for yourself.  But Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season (or at least, it used to be).  Technically, you’re supposed to be buying gifts for other people!


We’ve been watching the winter games the last few nights. My girlfriend really likes them! I’m more partial to the summer games, but I can see the appeal here, too. The jumps in the downhill events are pretty fun to watch. I just won’t be following these games as intently as I do for summer.

Have Another Random Thoughts for the Day

– My girlfriend’s aunt is staying with us for about a month.  So far we’ve been passing the evenings by watching Top Gear specials.

– My grandmother has me doing a little painting on her house tomorrow.  Shouldn’t take too long, so hopefully my clothes won’t have random paint splotches on them when I leave.

– I have gathered candy for my first Halloween at this apartment.  I’m told there aren’t a lot of kids that drop by, but I’m crossing fingers we get some visitors.

– Finally have a First Edition Cliffjumper figure that doesn’t break five minutes out of the package!

– My girlfriend really, really likes Pacific Rim.

Boldly Went

Though there’s a new Star Trek movie opening in a few weeks, my parents and I went to the theater last Thursday to watch a Star Trek of a different sort.  To coincide with the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s next Blu-Ray release, certain theaters were showing “The Best of Both Worlds” on the big screen for one night.  It was both parts, edited together as a single movie, with remastered special effects.  On its own, it would be way under two hours, so the showing was padded out with a behind-the-scenes documentary and a gag reel.  A fun night all around!

Pruning the Hedges of Many Small Libraries

I’m getting rid of a manga and anime series I’ve had for awhile – Tenjho Tenge.  I started reading it based on a friend’s recommendation, but I found I had long since fallen out of love with it.  I never really watched my DVDs, and the manga series from CMX stopped when that imprint folded.  Another company is issuing the volumes now, but I would have to re-buy pretty much all of them, since these are the unaltered editions.  Yep, CMX censored the contents of one of their launch titles.  The thought of buying these over again and then buying new volumes was just something that did not interest me.  So I’m getting rid of them.  The DVDs are going to said friend, while the mangas will go to a used book store.  I’ll at least get a couple of bucks for them.