Digging Up the Past

Talking with a friend about our mutual love of Ghostbusters over the weekend reminded me that there were live shows at Universal Studios Florida.  I even got to see two different ones on my two different visits.  The best one was by far the stage show, the Ghostbusters Spooktacular, I saw in 1994.  I was glad to see there are videos of it up on Youtube.  We only had still cameras to work with, but I do still have the brochure!

Ghostbusters Spooktacular

A Visit to the House of Mouse

Can’t wait!  I’ll be going back to Disneyland on Saturday.  It’ll be my first time back inside the gates in about a year.  Man, do I miss having an annual pass.  On the other hand, less frequent trips mean I appreciate the park that little bit more.  I’ll spend more time there, try to get on more rides.  And there will be new stuff for me to see and discover, since I haven’t really been keeping up with the Disney blogs.  I’ll have to make sure to thank my friend for getting my into the park.

After Report

We did indeed survive Disneyland.  It wasn’t my longest day at the park nor was it my most ride-filled, but I still had a lot of fun.  That trip was more about friends and family than anything else.  Yes, there were a few new things for me to see, which was great, but I had more fun showing off the things that had come out to people who hadn’t been in the park for a while.  Lunch at Carthay Circle was expensive, but it’s not a place I would think of going to often, and it was a place I knew my dad would want to see.  He was impressed!  And showing off Radiator Springs Racers, Star Tours 2.0, and even Luigi’s Flying Tires was great, if only to see how my companions enjoyed it.

Return to the Kingdom

Tomorrow we’ll be hitting up Disneyland for the first time since the beginning of summer, as a belated birthday present to me.  We let our annual passes expire since we needed to save some money, and I’ve been wanting to go back for a while now.  We missed the Halloween makeover entirely, which is a little sad, but I think the Christmas decorations are nicer anyways.  Planning to spend the entire day there, since we have to get our moneys’ worth this time around.  It’s going to be a tiring day!

Digital Memories

Every now and then, I’ll dig through my old backup discs to see what was on my computer back in the day.  While a lot of this is just for nostalgia’s sake, today I tried to see if I missed any backups of files I lost in my hard drive crash three years ago.  Back then, I didn’t have a backup hard drive, and would just periodically backup to disc.  I got lazy, and it backfired on my when my hard drive died.  I’ve recovered a lot of files from my own disc backups, some opportune online storage, and from friends, but I’m still missing a lot of pictures between 2006 and 2010.  The G.I. Joe pics I lost don’t really bother me – I still have everything I did before; I can just make new pics.  It’s the theme park trips, the conventions, the parties, the social gatherings I was part of that hurt the most to lose.  I’ve mostly made peace with that loss, but there are still times I wish I could recover them.

Today, I found a disc that held a lot of theme park pics I didn’t know I had.  I was so happy to find them – not everything was lost!  It’s yet another puzzle piece I’ve found, but it’s still a very incomplete picture.  But it’s something.  And for that I am grateful.

Another Dose of Random Thoughts for the Day

Yep, it’s that time when I can’t think of anything significant to blog about, but still need to hit my monthly quota!

– Found a bike chain for my girlfriend’s new bike in my parents’ garage.  I initially thought it would take quite a while to find the needed key, and started reluctantly digging through the key tray.  Turns out if was one a key hook nearby!  At least it didn’t take too long to find it.

– I finally got around to throwing out the box for my SDCC Metroplex.  It’s understandably huge, but I liked the design of it.  I did keep the sides with the artwork, though – it’s pretty sweet!

– We tried hanging up a full-length mirror on the wall using eight command strips.  It only lasted about twenty minutes.  A trip to the dumpster and some vacuuming later, we’re back to a blank wall.  At least we have extra mirrors?

– I no longer have a valid annual pass to Disneyland.  This makes me sad.

– I’ve gotten the urge to watch random Batman: The Animated Series episodes again.  I’m glad I have them readily available on my shelf.