My poor self control

I’m afraid I went on a bit of an ebay bender over the weekend.  I couldn’t help myself – I got the urge to finish off my run of the Marvel UK Action Force comics!  It’s like the uncanny valley for G.I. Joe.  Everything looks so similar, some of the stories even come from the US comics, but it’s not quite Joe.  It’s kind of fascinating.


My brain is stuck in Ghostbustersland again.  I went to a panel at Comic Con about IDW’s Ghostbusters comic and the upcoming game from Cryptozoic.  It was just something I went to to pass the time and rest the feet.  I left the panel and went immediately downstairs to IDW’s booth in the exhibit hall and picked up two hardcover collections of their comics.  Now I’m picking up trades that collect the stories I don’t already have.  Awfully hard to concentrate on Joe at the moment!

How weird

I’ve been reading some comics about Action Force – G.I. Joe’s early 1980s counterpart.  It’s a bit strange at times!  They very clearly use some early 1980s Joes as generic troopers, so they can have someone to kill off in the battle scenes on the good guy’s side.  This is something that happened very rarely in the American comics, by the way.  So right away these British stories are a bit more violent.  Yet they’re still censored on curse words – heck, darn, and all that.  It’s a weird mindset that you can find over here, too.  Violence is okay, but don’t tell the kids any four-letter words!

It’s not like we didn’t already know them from our parents, anyways.

Once Again, Return of the Random Thoughts for the Day

As I do whenever I have troubling thinking of a topic to write about, I will write short blurbs about everything!

—  I finally picked up some of the Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe figures.  I’m sorry these weren’t as successful as their Transformers counterparts, but I can understand why:  they were more expensive than Joe figures made by Hasbro, and they were blindboxed, so you didn’t know who you were getting.

—  That’s actually the fourth time super deformed type figures didn’t work out for Joe.  Along with the Loyal Subjects line, there were Mighty Muggs, Micro-Force, and Combat Heroes.  People just don’t buy these guys when they have weird proportions.  I wonder how the Kre-o line is faring.

—  Always remember to clean the razor blades in your electric shaver regularly!  Mine got clogged and lost a lot of its performance.  One deep cleaning later, and it’s night and day.

—  I really want to finish up the Action Force comics run.  Thankfully, G.I. Joe fiction outside the states are largely just reprints of the U.S. Marvel comics.  Action Force is the major exception.  There’s also a Japanese manga, but that seems nigh impossible to find.

—  I tried out Little Caesar’s pretzel crust pizza.  Ironically, the crust was the part I liked least.  Not enough dough, it was just like biting into the hard outer crust with no filler.

About time!

After far too many years, I’ve finally started to formally organize my GI Joe comics.  Before, they were spread out wherever I had space to store comics.  Now, I’ve purchased actual comic long boxes for the purpose of organizing and storing them.  I’ve got three long boxes already, but I know I’ll need to purchase another, as well as one that fits magazine sized issues.It’s actually rather surprising how many issues IDW has put out already – not even counting the alternate covers, there’s enough issues out there to outnumber the Marvel run, to say nothing of the Devil’s Due issues!

Scanning and Shoppin’

Lately I’ve been scanning some of my old G.I. Joe comic covers to replace the old ones on YoJoe. It’s been pretty sporadic, mostly issues that feature characters whose toys I’m working on in the action figure database.

Luckily, I should be getting help in that area soon! One of our old comics guys has volunteered to scan in his collection for us, which is no small feat, especially since he has one if the most elaborate collections if the comics!