My brain is stuck in Ghostbustersland again.  I went to a panel at Comic Con about IDW’s Ghostbusters comic and the upcoming game from Cryptozoic.  It was just something I went to to pass the time and rest the feet.  I left the panel and went immediately downstairs to IDW’s booth in the exhibit hall and picked up two hardcover collections of their comics.  Now I’m picking up trades that collect the stories I don’t already have.  Awfully hard to concentrate on Joe at the moment!

Uh Oh

Went to the Burbank GI Joe show on Sunday.  While I didn’t get any new figures this time around, I did manage to pick up some missing accessories and filecards.  Heaven help me, I think I want a complete set of filecards from the first line of figures.  Helps fill out that carrying case I’ve had for 15 or so years now!

Convention Hike

Survived Comic Con!  This year I did things a little differently, staying at a cousin’s apartment and taking the trolley into town.  It was actually very convenient – the trolley is literally adjoining the apartment complex, and is the same line that goes directly to the convention center.  The only problem is that there’s a cliff between the apartment complex and the trolley stop, so you have to take three streets and a steep hill around to get to it.  Not too bad at the start of the day, but murder at the end!  Thankfully, my cousin was willing to pick me up on most of the days.

3D Printing!

Picked up a Transformers figure I’d been meaning to get for a while – the price just hadn’t been right.  It’s a Botcon exclusive, but the only one I really wanted from that year.  The only downside is that he didn’t have a proper head, as he was just a straight redeco of an earlier figure.  But I’m trying out Shapeways for the first time – someone created a more fitting head for him and has it for sale there.  This should be an interesting experience!