Out and about

Been hanging out with different friends and their groups of friends lately.  One group I definitely have more familiarity with than the other, but I’m just trying to step outside the house more.  I tend to like staying inside too much, and this at least gives me something to do where I’m not surrounded by total strangers.  On the other hand, I’m still not quite sure what my endgame here is.

Together again for the first time

I met up with some fellow Joe collectors yesterday.  Though it’s a longer drive to make for me than the others, it’s still nice to have other people around in this same hobby.  Sometimes I feel alone over here!  We did some trading and showing off, bust mostly we got together to get together.  It was nice.  Hopefully we can do it more often!


Cleared out a large backlog of figures I’d been meaning to photograph for about a year now.  That was one of those things that I put off again and again until it got to the point where I was embarrassed I still had them sitting around.  What made this worse is that these figures weren’t really mine!  They belong to a colleague from YoJoe who purchased them off ebay and sent them my way to photograph.  The new pics would be used to update the database.  Now we can finally get that part rolling!

Stand by me

Been trying to hang out with friends more lately.  If nothing else, it provides that needed distraction.  I only hope that I’m not bringing them down all the time.  I’m trying to change up my topics of conversation, or at least not talk about her too much.  I know I’ve already annoyed some of my friends.