Well, where to start? My name is Phillip and I’m a graduate of the University of California, San Diego. Oh, and here’s a pic of me:

This entire website was a school project at Troy High School. Originally, this website was hosted on GeoCities, but that changed once they stopped supporting FTP uploads. Then I went to Topcities, but they kept locking me out of my site. So I got my own domain. When I first started the page, it was not themed after G.I. Joe; it was basically a website about me (this subject was part of the school assignment). As boring as I am (I’m probably making myself sound worse than I really am), the first website hardly changed at all. No updates, no new content, nothing! I decided I wasn’t happy with my website and decided to remake it in my main interest in October 2001. And that, as they say, is how Phil’s G.I. Joe Page came to be.

I know that while this website does not show it too well, I try to be a very funny guy, really! The pic of me on the main page is a giant joke since those who know me know I’m not that much of a threat. I live in Southern California where we have a city ruled with an iron fist by Disney. Ahhh, Anaheim…

As you might have guessed, I like G.I. Joe (The Hell, you say?). So in keeping with my nerdy interests, I am on more G.I. Joe discussion groups than I would like to admit. Why, you ask? Hell if I know, maybe I just like saying I get a lot of e-mails. Makes me feel important. 😉

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. ok thanks, i hope the new figures 2014 Heat Viper, Low Light, Night Viper, Leatherneck, Destro and general Hawk….. aahh i forgot Flint, Cobra Eel, Beachhead, i love all figures gi joe, bye amigo.

  2. disculpa mi insistencia, se que es mucho trabajo publicar las fotos de las figuras para actualizar la base de datos de YO JOE, podrás añadir fotos de los accesorios de las figuras a las que les hace falta?
    saludos amigo.

    1. I know some of the images are still missing, but they will be added eventually. I’m not the one doing those particular figures, however.

      1. solo es un comentario nada mas, espero que si se pueda agregar fotos de los accesorios de las figuras que no tienen sus respectivas fotos, tal vez es una exigencia como fan de gi joe, pero YO JOE es mi pagina favorita de consulta cuando decido comprar figuras, este sitio era mi guía para conocer las figuras con sus accesorios, pero estás ultimas series de 2016 ya no has publicado de manera completa lo que corresponde a cada figura, este sitio YO JOE era el mas completo en información de gi joe, espero que aun lo siga siendo.

        respetuosamente, un saludo para ti.

  3. hola amigo, aun no hay nada de las figuras de gi joe de 2018? solo están RAMPART y COBRA OFFICER, espero que pronto haya mas figuras en la pagina, hasta luego amigo.

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