Figuring out the schedule

With the start of the new television season, I am once again trying to determine how my viewing schedule will work out.  There are several shows I like that air on Tuesday nights, while my Wednesday is practically empty.  I’ve even picked up a few Friday shows, too.  It’ll be an interesting mix of watching live, with or without my parents, watching off the DVR, or choosing On Demand options.  I can make it work!

Together again for the first time

I met up with some fellow Joe collectors yesterday.  Though it’s a longer drive to make for me than the others, it’s still nice to have other people around in this same hobby.  Sometimes I feel alone over here!  We did some trading and showing off, bust mostly we got together to get together.  It was nice.  Hopefully we can do it more often!

Busy week!

We had a lot of family functions over the past week.  There was a wedding, at least two get-togethers, and relatives flying in, too.  I even got to see my nephew for the first time.  It was a little hectic at times, but that comes with the territory.  It’s a little quiter around the house now, but also a little diminished as well.


It’s been something of a stressful week at work.  What was a long weekend turned into a terrifyingly short work week, as our deadlines aren’t being met!  I’m keeping my head above water, though.  Just dealing with my own neuroses, I guess.

Here we go again

Obviously with the release of new Star Wars movie toys, I’ve been keeping tabs on things.  But I haven’t bought a whole lot!  Trying my best to keep to Original Trilogy figures, with better articulation than is standard these days.  So far it’s been easy to resist temptation.  Let’s see how long that lasts after I see the new film.

This message will not self-destruct

After watching the latest Mission Impossible movie, I’ve been rewatching the others.  At this point, the only one I haven’t viewed recently is the third film.  I feel confident saying that the second movie is the weakest, though.  The plot is pretty dull and forgettable, and the John Woo wirework style is really at odds with the rest of the series.  But hey, at least Luther was in it for more than three minutes!

Lost and Found

While searching for one of the last GI Joe story books I don’t yet have, I stumbled upon something strange, but kind of cool.  It’s a VHS presentation of some GI Joe story books!  The illustrations from the book and the audio from the accompanying cassette were put together with some additional illustrations and some rudimentary animation to make these stories.  When I saw the tape for sale, I knew it was something I had to get in my hands.  I’d never even heard of it before!  And thankfully the tape itself is in really good condition – this program isn’t in danger of being lost any time soon.