Video Games!

Though we’ve had a Wii since Christmas, I hadn’t bought any games for it until recently.  Going to a Big Lots and seeing a few games I was interested in at very low prices made it an easy choice.  I’ve since gone to a GameStop and picked up the Wii version of Ghostbusters.  Though I had the PC version, the Wii is the only one with co-op multiplayer, the artwork is different, and the gameplay is slightly changed up.  Kind of interesting seeing what’s new, what’s gone, and how my roommates react to the story.  They both seem to like it so far, so I think I made the right choice!

Not Quite Optimus Prime

I have a Transformer from Japan that was released over here as Optimus Prime.  There, not so much.  Which is kind of hilarious because it’s hard to see him as anything but Optimus Prime.  But no, he’s “Ginrai.”  Well, technically, I have “God Ginrai” since I have him combined with another Transformer named “Godbomber.”  I’ll try to spare you the half-assed excuse given for why Ginrai looks so much like Optimus Prime.  Just know that this toy is pretty awesome – A small human figure pegs into a small robot that can fold into a larger robot that can combine with another robot to become an even larger robot.  It’s Matroshka Transformers!  And it is good.

Toy Post #8614

I have a tank that transforms into a skeletal samurai.  He has two swords that can be carried on his waist.  And he is a Decepticon named Bludgeon, that references an obscure Transformer from the late 1980s.  He’s pretty much perfect.  I kind of wish he was a Pretender, though, since that’s what the original figure was.  But then nobody remembers Pretenders, and it would confuse all the kiddies wandering the toy aisles at Target.  Other than that, he’s fairly awesome.  I need someone to do battle with him, sword to sword.  I might actually need to get a real Star Saber!

Wall Painting

Spent about 10 hours this week painting a side wall at the Orange County house.  The Home Owner’s Association sent us a letter reminding people that it was our job to repaint them.  I’m assuming they sent the letter to everyone who had a wall like ours, as ours did not seem as bad as some others down the street.  Either way, it took way too long to do.  Stucco eats up paint, if you’re curious.  If the wall had been flat, we would have needed maybe a gallon and a half of paint to cover it all.  With the stucco, it was nearly seven gallons.  Well, it looks better now at least.  And one passing homeowner asked what paint we were using since they had a similar wall to repaint.  That was pretty amusing.

Movie Night!

Finally got around to seeing “Alice in Wonderland” today.  I liked it!  Unlike the original Disney animated version, this one had a story I could actually follow.  The animated one always seemed like just a slew of scenes without any real purpose.  This version was easy to follow along with, and the characters actually did things – amazing, I know!  For being a Tim Burton film, it wasn’t as dark or strange as I was expecting.  Sure, there were parts that were downright bizarre, but within expectation given the source material.  Johnny Depp sure was creepy, though.

Unexpected Bonus

Just a warning – if you aren’t a toy geek, this will mean absolutely nothing to you. On Sunday I picked up a bootleg Transformers 2 pack from Tuesday Morning. I got it because it was 5 bucks, and it had a pretty decent looking Star Saber in it. Imagine my annoyance at the fact that due to his bootleg nature, I can’t get him to transform properly. But the other guy from the pack? He transforms just fine! I didn’t even want him. But I just checked. The other guy is a bootleg of Victory Leo. And he can combine with my Star Saber to make Victory Saber! Awesome! And fortunately, I have another little Star Saber that is actually licensed and capable of transformation.

Car Repair!

Anyone who’s been in my Escort lately has probably heard the car sounding unbearably loud while I’m driving it. Turns out the ball bearings in the front were dying! Hopefully, that should be repaired by next week. Sometimes, there are advantages to having a mother who works at a high school that still has an auto shop class!

The new Phil's Thoughts!

Well, it’s March, and with FTP access through Blogger ending in a few days, I figured I’d switch over to WordPress.  So here I am!  I moved this to my index page since my blog seems to be the only thing I update these days.  Bear with me as I figure out how to use this thing, and expect the page setup to change around a few times.

And to those of you reading off an RSS feed (that means you, Facebook readers) please take a moment to check out my actual website!