Back to L.A.

With the constant swing of weather from cool to hot, the lack of air conditioning in this apartment can become apparent at times.  Since we installed the new windows in the L.A. house months ago, the window A/C units there have gone unused.  In fact, they aren’t even installed any more, just sitting in the living room.  So I’ll be picking one of them up later in the week and bringing it back here.  How we’re going to make it work with the window setup at the apartment, I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.

Upgrading Amalia

On Monday, installers completely overhauled Amalia’s windows.  In six hours, the old, single pane, cracking frame affairs were gone, replaced with modern windows.  Not just double paned, but sliding top and bottom panels, even sliding screens.  In order to prepare for the installation, we had to get the metal bars over the windows removed on the Saturday prior.  So now we have nicer looking windows with less obstructed views.  It’s a little sad that there’s no one in the house right now to appreciate them!  Another side benefit: anyone who’s spent any length of time in that house knows how hard it is to keep it clean.  Apparently, the windows were a big part of that – in addition to being drafty, they were terrible at keeping the dirt out.

New Customer

Yesterday, my parents, girlfriend, and I went over to the house in L.A. for some vigorous cleaning.  Why?  We’ve got a new roommate!  Yes, we finally got a tenant for the back room, and it was our job to make sure everything was ready when he arrived.  Dad did a little painting, I did some cleaning, caulking, and lock replacement, and the girlfriend did a lot more cleaning.  She put me and my other roommate to shame!