Convention Weekend

There are two conventions this weekend, and I’m not going to either.  Instead, I’ll be watching the house as some friends stay over here in lieu of a hotel.  They did this last year when I went with them, so they aren’t doing this out of the blue.  I also volunteered the place, too, so there’s no taking advantage of anyone, either.  I just discovered that anime conventions as a whole don’t interest me unless I’m working them.  At the convention last year, I was bored out of my mind.  I like anime, but not enough for an entire convention dedicated to it to really be my cup of tea.

July's already over??

With Anime Expo and Comic Con so close together, this month goes by way too fast.  As soon as I’ve finished attending one convention, I’m prepping for the the next!  I had thought not working at AX this year would have meant a bit more time to breathe, and it did, but not as much as I had hoped.  Throw in a barbecue for a departing friend, and the usual business of toy hunting and volunteer work, and it’s August before you know it.  Now I have to prepare for a wedding in Wisconsin!  I really need to get on with writing that speech….

Convention Season

Anime Expo is this weekend, and I’ve got my badge.  Since I’m not working it this year, I can take it nice and easy.  Chances are I’ll be hanging out at a friend’s booth in Artist’s Alley.  It’ll be like 2006 all over again!  Must remember to bring something to read….

I’m also planning another SDCC trip in a few weeks.  Overcrowded halls and long lines await!  How has this show turned into something like a chore???