Back to L.A.

With the constant swing of weather from cool to hot, the lack of air conditioning in this apartment can become apparent at times.  Since we installed the new windows in the L.A. house months ago, the window A/C units there have gone unused.  In fact, they aren’t even installed any more, just sitting in the living room.  So I’ll be picking one of them up later in the week and bringing it back here.  How we’re going to make it work with the window setup at the apartment, I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.

Clear the clutter!

Since it’s the new year, we’ve had to figure out where to put all we got as presents over the holidays!  Not a difficult task, of course, but it adds up quickly when you’re living in a small apartment like ours.  It was cleanup time over the weekend, and we managed to fill about two large trash bags worth of trash.  We gained back floor space in the living room, and we’re slowly reclaiming the dinner table’s square footage.  A never-ending battle, really!  Yesterday, I threw out another two bags’ worth of garbage, though this was just from regular accumulation.  Kind of amazing when it’s just the two of us here.

Aquatic Adventures in the Apartment

Last week water started leaking into the apartment next door to us.  Turns out pipes between the walls were leaking.  The plumbers came in to check our water heater, but couldn’t find the issue.  They ended up having to cut into the walls to find the pipes they needed and make the repairs.  This necessitated calling in people to repair the drywall, too.  Our water heater is old, and started leaking after all this.  The plumbers came again, and it will need to be replaced.  We have to wait a few days, but fortunately, the leak only goes into some soil outside.  It’s a bit of a benefit being in an apartment for this, as otherwise we’d be paying for these repairs ourselves!  And believe me, these are good repairs.  I can’t even see where they cut into the walls anymore.


Over at the apartment, we’re still moving stuff around from the move. Yes, we’re taking our sweet time, but I keep adding stuff from the L.A. house, and the girlfriend’s been preoccupied by Artist Alley preparations. But the other bedroom’s been cleared out, and some of my bigger items have gotten nice, prominent displays. We still need to get a dining room table, though!

This sucks!

We have a vacuum cleaner now!  Moving into the apartment, this was probably the last crucial element we were missing.  We had heard that a neighbor would be putting one up for sale in the apartment complex’s yard sale that was being held a few weeks after we moved in, so we held out.  Maybe we could get one for ridiculously cheap!  After all, we had lucked out with the refrigerator in a similar manner.  The day of the yard sale came, and we discovered the vacuum cleaner available was one of those really inexpensive ones that are just a step above a broom.  It wouldn’t really work on carpet.  But this week, Big Lots had a sale on a refurbished Hoover model that had the features we wanted, plus a bit more.  The price was right, too.  After a quick three-minute assembly, the Hoover is ready to go.  Good thing, too – it’s high time to do some cleaning around here.

So many little things

One of those things you don’t really think about is the sheer volume of things you need to keep an apartment going.  Luckily, I managed to get a lot of extra or unused supplies from my parents’ house this week.  This was largely cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, and herbs and spices.  Why not?  If I thought we could use it, I took it.  Mom was trying to give me more than even I thought useful, so this wasn’t done without parental consent.  In fact, I’m rather certain my dad is glad there are less things in the house!  Now we just have to organize it all back at the apartment!

Up and Running

Today I brought my old desk into the apartment, so I could properly set up my laptop, peripherals and all.  Getting this heavy piece of furniture in here wasn’t terribly fun, but it does help to establish a sense of normalcy.  I’ve got all my files, I’ve got my proper keyboard and mouse, and a larger laptop.  Makes things easier for sure.  There’s still a lot to unpack, but at least we’re getting there!


Settling in at the new apartment! My girlfriend is completely moved out if her old place, and I’m well in my way to getting everything needed over here, too. A handyman’s been by the last two days finishing up some last-minute repairs, and the cable installer connected our Internet and cable tv. It’s starting to feel like a real apartment!

Moving On

On Wednesday, I’ll be committing to the biggest change in my life in 7 years – I’ll be signing the final paperwork to move into an apartment with my girlfriend. Yes, I’ll be moving out of the LA house. And no more weekends at my parents’ place. And I’m looking for a higher paying job harder than ever. I need to be able to afford this place!