Finally picked a good one

It took three tries, but I got a Nick Fury that wasn’t misassembled or broken out of the package.  Yessir, after the experiences I talked about here, I finally got the toy I wanted in a working condition.  It really shouldn’t have been this hard!  But at least I have my Avengers line-up now.  I’ve thought about taking a group shot and putting it on here, but that seems a bit cliche right now.  You’ll have to use your imaginations!

The Assortment of Misfit Toys

So I bought an action figure that’s a little hard to find right now.  When I brought it home, I discovered it had two left shoulder, meaning a left shoulder piece was installed for the right shoulder piece.  Since I couldn’t exchange him at the store (no exact figure to do the exchange with), I sent him to the manufacturer for a replacement.  They said they would what they could to give me an exact figure replacement, but it wasn’t a guarantee.  Sure enough, the figure I got back was different, and not one I cared about.  Luckily, I found the figure I wanted in another store today.  I brought it home, took it out of the package, and almost immediately his right foot broke off.  This is bad comedy.

I Just Can’t Help Myself

A few days ago I finally saw a hard to find action figure at a retail store.  It was an Avengers Black Widow figure, and I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy more Avengers toys until I found her.  And now that I have, I’m still trying to limit the amount of toys I get – mostly the movie team.  I can skip the comic incarnations of the characters since I have no desire for them!  Unfortunately, the Nick Fury figure I also found had two upper left arms!  He’s been sent to Hasbro for a replacement.


My girlfriend and I decided to see The Avengers on Sunday afternoon and we invited a friend of ours to watch with us. We were in the area of the theater a few hours early, so we figured we’d pick up the tickets then just in case there was a line.  Turns out that our showing was already sold out, so we had to buy tickets for the next showing an hour later!  We went back to my house for an hour, and since we knew the lines for the movie showings were outside, we brought some folding chairs and an umbrella with us to the theater.  We waited outside the theater for about 2 hours, but it wasn’t all that bad!  We were sitting comfortably, the umbrella provided shade, and a nice breeze kept us cool.  When it came close to the time when we would be let inside the theater to get our seats, I walked the chairs and umbrella back to the car.  I need to remember that setup for the next big movie!

Impatient me

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day!  In-between Mimi’s Cafe and the Olive Garden, we saw Thor.  Not what I would normally consider as proper viewing fare for today, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  On the other hand, I pretty much just want to watch the Avengers movie now.  Never mind the fact that they’ve only just started filming and Captain America is out in a few months.  I want to watch the super hero team-up movie now!