Hitting the trail

Last week I dropped my old bicycle off at a sports store for a tune-up.  I got it back today.  It’s not that my bike had any major issues, it just seemed like a good idea after so many years of disuse.  But I plan on changing that!  I’m going biking again!  There’s actually a very nice nature preserve a stone’s throw from the apartment with some nice biking trails.  So I’ve been buying some accessories for my bike – a new bike lock, a pouch for my phone, a gel cover for the seat – things that would be useful to have, you know?  And it also helps that I won’t be the only one biking.

Another Dose of Random Thoughts for the Day

Yep, it’s that time when I can’t think of anything significant to blog about, but still need to hit my monthly quota!

– Found a bike chain for my girlfriend’s new bike in my parents’ garage.  I initially thought it would take quite a while to find the needed key, and started reluctantly digging through the key tray.  Turns out if was one a key hook nearby!  At least it didn’t take too long to find it.

– I finally got around to throwing out the box for my SDCC Metroplex.  It’s understandably huge, but I liked the design of it.  I did keep the sides with the artwork, though – it’s pretty sweet!

– We tried hanging up a full-length mirror on the wall using eight command strips.  It only lasted about twenty minutes.  A trip to the dumpster and some vacuuming later, we’re back to a blank wall.  At least we have extra mirrors?

– I no longer have a valid annual pass to Disneyland.  This makes me sad.

– I’ve gotten the urge to watch random Batman: The Animated Series episodes again.  I’m glad I have them readily available on my shelf.

She wants to ride her bicycle, she wants to ride her bike!

My girlfriend bought a bike today!  We’ve got a nature preserve not too far from our apartment that has some nice bike paths that we want to take advantage of soon.  Looks like I’ve got to dust off my own blue bicycle out of my parents’ garage and maybe get a tune-up.  Should be fun!