Blackest of Fridays

Did a little Black Friday shopping today, but no midnight browsing or line waiting.  It helps that we don’t really need any big purchases right now, but it also seems like it’s not worth the stress.  And if you think about it, it’s a bit wrong, too.  Big screen televisions – the biggest allure of Black Friday sales – nobody buys those for other people.  The best you do is rationalize that it’s a gift “for the entire family,” but it’s really for yourself.  But Black Friday is the start of the Christmas shopping season (or at least, it used to be).  Technically, you’re supposed to be buying gifts for other people!

Laidback Friday

For the first time in three years, I didn’t have to brave the Black Friday lines last night.  Instead, we stayed home and watched television.  After sleeping in a little this morning, my girlfriend, her aunt, and I drove out to a few stores to take advantage of the sales.  Even though we were well past the prime hours, I still managed to find the few things I was interested in without hassle.  Even Toys R Us was a breeze!  While the lines were a trifle long, they were nowhere near as bad as they would have been a few hours earlier.  Something to be said about doing this the stress-free way.

Illuminating the Season

It never really feels like the start of the Christmas season until the lights have gone up on the house.  At my parents’ place, we put them up on Black Friday, so the lights have been shining there for a few weeks now.  Sadly, I didn’t get around to the LA house until today.  But not my single strand of lights are up, my dinky little tree is in the window, and the place feels just a little bit nicer.  The decorations may be understated, but I think it fits the house.

Holiday Frenzy

Another Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone.  I had some nice birthday money, so I did trek out to see some of the Black Friday deals, though mostly during Friday proper.  My girlfriend and I did try to do some Thanksgiving night shopping, but it took a few tries.  The first place we went to was a Walmart that, for city ordinance issues, was not starting their sales until 4 in the morning – 8 hours later than we arrived, and 6 hours later than other Walmart stores.  We found another Walmart with no such issues, though it provided its own problems.  The line we were initially shown to was the incorrect one, and upon learning where we were supposed to be, things started getting ugly.  People in the existing line started arguing with the confused newcomers, prompting the relocation of a security guard to our area.  As soon as he left, shoppers descended like locusts upon the vacated DVDs, tearing down the plastic covers faster than Walmart employees could act.  We decided the extra savings for the video game we wanted weren’t worth the trouble.  Eventually we decided to go to a GameStop for its midnight opening.  We arrived half an hour early and were out within 15 minutes of the store’s opening.