Tempted by the fruit of another

Star Wars on Blu-Ray – I’m torn.  On the one hand, I definitely don’t need the films, especially since there’s been yet more revisions to them.  On the other hand, 40 hours of bonus features is something I can really get behind.  Deleted scenes are my home video kryptonite, truly.  And having Star Wars in high-def is something that appeals to me.  I should probably just wait for my birthday – the conundrum just may resolve itself!  Now, about those Blu-Ray of the Lord of The Rings extended editions!

Go ahead, make my punk’s day lucky

A while ago I got the boxed set of all 5 Dirty Harry movies on Blu-Ray.  At the time, I had only seen the 1st movie, 5th movie, and the ending of the 3rd film.  I figured it was about time I fixed that.  So I got caught up on them over the weekend.  Let me tell you, looking at these films now after decades of the “edgy cop who plays by his own rules,” Dirty Harry isn’t all that dirty!  You just don’t want to be his partner, really.  It’s about as wise a career option as being the drummer for Spinal Tap.

Blu-Ray Upgrades

After installing Netflix on the Wii last month, I enjoyed the availability of tv shows I watched.  But they weren’t in high-definition.  Somehow I got my parents to agree with me, and we decided the best course of action was to get another Blu-Ray player.  Mom was apparently eager to get it as soon as possible, so we bought a new one today.  The old Blu-Ray player went upstairs to the other high-def tv, while the new one went to our Bravia.  Integrated wi-fi, netflix, and assorted other apps made setting this Blu-Ray player up a little more complex than the old one.  In fact, I had to call up Sony at one point to have them reset the registration – our player was a display item from Best Buy.  A bit of a hassle dealing with that, but the $115 discount is hard to beat!