Little Victories

While my girlfriend was shopping at the nearby Japanese market, she spotted some Transformers Kabaya model kits in their little toy aisle.  These have shown up off and on for a few years now, so I always hold out hope that whatever current wave gets stocked.  This happened to be the latest wave with Star Convoy and others!  I was actually a bit surprised, as I didn’t expect to see them show up there for at least another month – I only first saw them at Botcon in June.  But she picked them up for me, and only for about a dollar more than its Japanese retail price!

3D Printing!

Picked up a Transformers figure I’d been meaning to get for a while – the price just hadn’t been right.  It’s a Botcon exclusive, but the only one I really wanted from that year.  The only downside is that he didn’t have a proper head, as he was just a straight redeco of an earlier figure.  But I’m trying out Shapeways for the first time – someone created a more fitting head for him and has it for sale there.  This should be an interesting experience!

BotCon Blowup

My girlfriend and I drove down to San Diego on Thursday to attend BotCon. Since she had an Artist’s Alley booth, she thought she had a helper badge to give to me. Unfortunately, her table was too small to qualify, and I didn’t have access to the con!

This wasn’t too big a deal – I had originally planned to buy day tickets for Saturday and Sunday. That didn’t give access to Friday’s events, but it was still a lot cheaper than a full convention set and badge.

But there’s yet another hitch – between originally making those plans and now, my parents went on vacation in Hawaii. They came back tonight and I had to pick them up from the airport. That meant I didn’t really have much time to spend at the con and still make the long drive easily. So I missed today, too.

At least there’s tomorrow!


I spent the weekend visiting Pasadena, and the official Transformers convention – Botcon!  My feet were dead by Friday night, but that didn’t stop me from having a great time.  Met some new friends, saw some great costumes, and added more signatures to my G.I. Joe dvd set.  I also bought a few fun things, one of which is six inches from me, resting on the desk.  It’s a Star Saber!  Such an awesome toy!  Now I’m sorting through pictures online to see if I can see myself or my girlfriend in the background.  You’d be surprised how often it’s happened so far!