Winter Soldier in Autumn

I watched the second Captain America movie again with a former roommate today.  He had yet to see the film and was actually falling behind on the Marvel movies.  The horror!  Anyways, though he was doing pretty well at guessing the twists that were coming, he didn’t guess all of them.  I was actually rather pleased there were still some surprises in store for him.

SHIELD and Shields

I picked up Captain America: The Winter Soldier today. It’s a movie I have literally been wanting to see again dice I watched it in the theater. I never got a chance to see it again while it was still playing – things kept coming up! I’ve already watched it once tonight, and I plan to watch it again with my parents very soon. Dad never got to see it! He sort of spent the film’s opening weekend cooped up in a hospital bed.

The Star-Spangled Man

I saw Captain America today with Mai.  I would have seen it when it opened last week, but I was a little busy that weekend!  All in all, I thought it was a pretty good film!  We got to see Cap frozen in ice, Dum-Dum Dugan showed up, Hydra reared its ugly head, and they even addressed Bucky!  Wasn’t expecting that last one, to be honest.  And though he’s really Bucky in name only, it’s still nice that they acknowledged it.

Impatient me

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day!  In-between Mimi’s Cafe and the Olive Garden, we saw Thor.  Not what I would normally consider as proper viewing fare for today, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.  On the other hand, I pretty much just want to watch the Avengers movie now.  Never mind the fact that they’ve only just started filming and Captain America is out in a few months.  I want to watch the super hero team-up movie now!