One more family gathering

My parents hosted my mom’s side of the family at their house today.  Though I had seen most of them Christmas Eve, we had some relatives from out of the country drop by today as well.  Nothing too formal – dinner was Costco pizza and various sodas and alcohols.  Fun time, though.  Sometimes the more informal get-togethers are the best ones.  Sure as hell beats a funeral!

Behind Again

Once again, I’m trailing in my Christmas shopping!  I’ve gotten a few items, but it seems like it’s only half my list.  It also feels like the shopping is a bit harder this year, as I literally have no idea what to get people and wandering the shops isn’t helping.  But I’m keeping it together!  No freakouts here.  None at all.  Absolutely calm.  Calm.  CALM.




Holly Holiday

With my parents away, my Christmas morning was pretty low-key.  After sleeping in, my girlfriend and I opened a few presents on our couch and then played a new video game for about an hour.  We still did our rounds at the various family gatherings, though!  Admittedly, the Donnelly contingent was a bit small this year, but that doesn’t mean it was any less meaningful to drop by my aunt’s place that day.  And I even got to see a few friends that night to give them their Christmas presents.  All in all, Christmas was pretty nice this year.


Going into the final stretch before Christmas, and I’m woefully unprepared in the gifting department.  I think I may have finally figured out what to get for people at least, and my list is small enough that I can probably get my shopping done this weekend, but boy am I cutting it close.  But having a strategy now helps!  Knowing what I’m doing is going a long way towards building my confidence back up.  Now I just have to hope that my shopping does not intersect with overly large crowds.  Fingers crossed.

That time of year again

I’ve been slow to do Christmas shopping this year.  It’s not that I’m avoiding it – I’ve actually picked up some presents for people already.  It’s just at this point, I haven’t found much that speaks to me as good gifts for the people on my list.  I can’t think of anything to get, either.  Of course, not knowing what to buy hasn’t really been an issue in the past.  Usually, I’d just come across something in store that I just knew someone would like.  I do put thought into it!  But it’s not coming as easily this year.  Better get a move on, though, time’s running out!

Two Holidays Collide

I was at the local K-Mart today, when the entrance display took me by surprise.  While the checkout lanes were full of Christmas shoppers, the entryway was filled with racks of Valentines.  It’s not even January yet!  It’s bad enough to start seeing Christmas stuff in September, but when did this holiday creep spread to the other days too?  I guess I’m now at an age where “old man ranting” is applicable, huh?

A Week Away

I’ve finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped up all the gifts.  Mailed out a card for my brother and his wife, and have already given my roommate his present.  The only thing that’s left is figuring out when to give the remaining presents to my friends.  Naturally, my parents’ gifts are under the tree, as are the ones for my girlfriend.  I already know I’ll be seeing one friend this weekend, so I only have to remember to bring the gift along!  But that still leaves me with two others to hand out.  One of them is just a matter of calling up and inviting over to give out.  The other?  Well, we seem to see each other a little less lately, so it may be in my possession for a little while longer.

Christmas Capitalism

It’s time once again to brave the malls and the big box stores to buy presents for our loved ones.  While I have an idea of what to get for my immediate family, I’m actually at a bit of a loss of what to get my friends.  I’ve still got time, obviously, but I do think I’ll have to just wander around and browse a bit before I find something that feels right for each person.  Hope it doesn’t take too long – I’m already nervous about how far into December we already are.

Yep, More Random Thoughts for the Day

I can’t think of a good topic to write about, so it’s back to my Plan B!

– I got one of the Christmas presents I ordered online in the mail today.  It’s a bit of a relief because the original estimated arrival time was about a month from now!

– My Android tablet has an HDMI port on it, but when I tried running a streaming video off a website through the HDMI cable to the television, the screen kept blacking out.  I’m not sure if this was some sort of DRM protection or if the processor on the tablet couldn’t handle it.

– I really need to get some G.I. Joe vehicle archives done before the end of the year.  It won’t be too long before more come out!

– We celebrated dad’s birthday a few days early this year while Mike was still in town.  Even though I already gave him his birthday present, it still feels weird not to do anything with him on his actual birthday.

– So now that I have an iPhone, what do I do with my old 3rd generation iPod?