Have Another Random Thoughts for the Day

– My girlfriend’s aunt is staying with us for about a month.  So far we’ve been passing the evenings by watching Top Gear specials.

– My grandmother has me doing a little painting on her house tomorrow.  Shouldn’t take too long, so hopefully my clothes won’t have random paint splotches on them when I leave.

– I have gathered candy for my first Halloween at this apartment.  I’m told there aren’t a lot of kids that drop by, but I’m crossing fingers we get some visitors.

– Finally have a First Edition Cliffjumper figure that doesn’t break five minutes out of the package!

– My girlfriend really, really likes Pacific Rim.

Cliffjumper is no Bumblebee

I bought a Japanese exclusive Cliffjumper, which arrived in the mail today.  It’s a red recolor of a Bumblebee toy, which isn’t all that surprising given Hasbro and TakaraTomy’s habits regarding this character over the past four years.  It would have been nice if they at least changed out the head, though.  I’ve got a Cliffjumper with another Autobot’s face!