Nothing as comfy as a chair

For Christmas, I received the usual television sets and movies, but what I really enjoyed was getting a new office chair. Yeah, something pretty simple, but man is it appreciated. My old chair had started cracking at the base, making me sit at an angle while simultaneously dipping backwards. Needless to say, it was not an ideal situation. In order to do any work at the computer, I had to sit at the very edge of the seat, where all the padding had worn down. Made for some painful haunches!

My parents noticed my predicament a few weeks back and lent me a folding chair in the meantime. The idea being that we would look for a new chair once the Christmas shopping was under control. That trip never happened, for me at least! Nope, on Christmas day, mom and dad surprised me with a large box from Staples. The new chair! I refrained from assembling it then and there, as I still had to get it back to the apartment that night. Easier to fit a box in the car rather than a chair.

Once assembled? Let me tell you, this is a comfy chair.

Stupid Chair

For the second time this year, I’ve broken a desk chair.  Guess I shouldn’t have gone the cheap route this time!  No warranty, and the welds holding the pole to the frame broke off.  The only welded the corners!  Looks like I wasn’t the only one who cheaped out with this chair!  Got a proper replacement from Target today.  There’s a two-year warranty on it, so hopefully I won’t have to buy another quite so soon.