Farewell, Buick

Today I sold off my Buick Regal to Carmax.

I’ve only had the car as my own vehicle for a few years, but man, did this guy have its share of issues.  Looking back now, I should have stuck with the Ford Escort.  It’s still plugging away just fine for my uncle.  And the Escort is two years older!

Oh well.  At least I got a thousand dollars out of it.  It looks like the Volt is my car now.

Almost Time to Say Goodbye

After a few weeks of driving around with a “For Sale” sign in the back window, we’ve got a potential buyer for the Escort.  He haggled with the price a little bite, but we’re not too far off from what we wanted.  I’ve still got the car for a few more days before the buyer can come up with the money, but hopefully by Wednesday we’ll have a done deal.  It’s been a nice car; I know I’ll miss it once it’s gone.

Parents Got a New Ride

As my poor excuse for slang in the title indicates, yes, my parents have a new car.  Ad they’re being environmentally conscious about it, too!  No, it’s not a Prius – it’s a Chevy Volt!  It’s red, though, so it’s not quite a Transformer.  I may call it Jolt, anyways.  They didn’t actually trade any cars in, so I now have a decision keep my manual trans Escort, or get mom’s automatic trans Regal.  Decisions, decisions.

Car Repair!

Anyone who’s been in my Escort lately has probably heard the car sounding unbearably loud while I’m driving it. Turns out the ball bearings in the front were dying! Hopefully, that should be repaired by next week. Sometimes, there are advantages to having a mother who works at a high school that still has an auto shop class!