Micro Collection

I started picking up some G.I. Joe Micro Figures off ebay.  As the name implies, these were tiny G.I. Joe toys, about an inch tall, but without any articulation.  I got my first one way back in college, and have picked up a few more here and there over the years.  But this is the first time I’ve made a concerted effort to track down all the ones I’m missing.  And it hasn’t taken much!  After two purchases, I’m only missing two figures!  Hopefully, it won’t take much more to get the rest, but never say never.

My poor self control

I’m afraid I went on a bit of an ebay bender over the weekend.  I couldn’t help myself – I got the urge to finish off my run of the Marvel UK Action Force comics!  It’s like the uncanny valley for G.I. Joe.  Everything looks so similar, some of the stories even come from the US comics, but it’s not quite Joe.  It’s kind of fascinating.

Together again for the first time

I met up with some fellow Joe collectors yesterday.  Though it’s a longer drive to make for me than the others, it’s still nice to have other people around in this same hobby.  Sometimes I feel alone over here!  We did some trading and showing off, bust mostly we got together to get together.  It was nice.  Hopefully we can do it more often!

Lost and Found

While searching for one of the last GI Joe story books I don’t yet have, I stumbled upon something strange, but kind of cool.  It’s a VHS presentation of some GI Joe story books!  The illustrations from the book and the audio from the accompanying cassette were put together with some additional illustrations and some rudimentary animation to make these stories.  When I saw the tape for sale, I knew it was something I had to get in my hands.  I’d never even heard of it before!  And thankfully the tape itself is in really good condition – this program isn’t in danger of being lost any time soon.

Focused on the Beginning

I stumbled upon some ebay auctions where the seller had some rare GI Joe figure variations for sale.  I doubt the seller really knew what he had, as the prices were fairly low.  They’re variations found in the Stars and Stripes Forever set from 1997.  This set is what got me into actively collecting GI Joes.  Finding these variations has gotten me heavily thinking about this set again, and I sort of want to focus on upgrading their archive entries now.  If nothing else, it got me to finally add the included small playset to the archives.

Uh Oh

Went to the Burbank GI Joe show on Sunday.  While I didn’t get any new figures this time around, I did manage to pick up some missing accessories and filecards.  Heaven help me, I think I want a complete set of filecards from the first line of figures.  Helps fill out that carrying case I’ve had for 15 or so years now!


I just finished up a long-term goal I had with the YoJoe database.  When we first overhauled the archives in 2012, one of the ideas batted about was updating the images of the 1982 figures.  The 1982 index is what you default to when you enter the action figure database, and it was thought that better pics would make for a better presentation.

Well it took over three years, but I finally did it.  All the 1982 archive pics have been updated.  As well as the 1983 version 1.5 figures, for that matter.  I’m feeling proud.  Also, poorer.

Abusing the scanner

I’ve been scanning in the covers for GI Joe story books lately.  The writing may be a bit simplistic, but there are some real gems of art in some of them.  Especially when Earl Norem was involved!  I’ve been tracking down the story books on ebay again, and I’ve gotten quite a few over the last week or so.  I’m still waiting for most of them to arrive in the mail, but it at least gives me something to look forward to every day!  The next challenge is finding all the audio for the read along books!