The Garage Door is now white

As promised, I drove out to the LA house today and painted the garage door with one of the tenants.  We had a paint and primer product to use, so it was mostly covered in one coat.  Since it’s just a generic white, it’s not terribly flashy, but it gets the job done.  We could be done here – though we do have a green paint we could use for the frame itself, it’s meant for concrete.  We’ll test it out and see how it looks.  If it works, we’ll have a green frame, if not, the porch will have more paint available for when we touch that up.

Hammering away

On Saturday, my father and I traveled to the LA house to do a little work around the new garage door.  While the doors themselves were replaced, the old frame remained.  We decided to remove the old wood and add in some new planks.  Now, the garage, is ever so slightly at an angle, so the dimensions of one side don’t match the dimensions of the other.  What this meant for us was a lot of trial and error in getting pieces to fit.  We bought lumber that roughly matched the dimensions we needed, then sort of pieced together the boards until they covered the space.  In all, there were three trips to Home Depot.  But the end result is something that will hopefully look pretty nice when it’s painted tomorrow.


We finally got a modern garage on the LA house!  Instead of those awful warped doors barely hanging onto a hinge each, we’ve got a modern automatic door installed.  The contractor came over today and installed it start to finish in about four hours.  It’s not totally done yet – we still have to paint it, and there’s a bit of a gap underneath from uneven cement that we have to address, but it’s just so nice to see something I absolutely hated about that house finally fixed.


Though I moved out a few months ago, I still find myself back at the Los Angeles house every so often.  Case in point – I was there with my mom today.  We were waiting for a representative to show up and measure the garage door.  Yep, we’re finally replacing those terrible wooden swing doors for something a little more modern.  It doesn’t seem like there are any real issues with upgrading, so the new door should be installed this weekend.  Finally, a functional garage!