Clearing More

Today dad and I cleared out half of the back row of grape vines.  It’s amazing how much easier it is when you have a sharp chainsaw chain!  Though the slope looked sadly empty afterwards, dad quickly started filling it in again.  We’ve got a bunch of new vines ready to plant, and that’s what dad did.  Though, calling them vines at this stage might be a stretch.  They’re more like twigs right now.

Clearing away the vines

Over the weekend, dad and I cut down the front row of grape vines in the backyard.  A bit bittersweet to see them grow, but they never quite produced as much as they should.  But not to fear, dad has more vines ready to take their place, and these should be better suited to the soil in our backyard.  The hardest part of removing the vines was not having a sharp enough chain on the chainsaw to cut down the stems.  They’re thick!


Yesterday mom and I trimmed the grape vines in our backyard.  This is normally dad’s job, but with him out of commission, it fell on us to do.  Normally, dad would trim the hell out of these things, down to just a major vine on each side of the plant, trellised just so.  With us, it was more just making sure nothing would be growing into the neighbor’s yard.  Dad has sort of come to terms with a bad harvest this year, since he won’t be able to tend to the plants as he would like, so he accepted our job as satisfactory.  Who knows, maybe something will be able to grow after all.

Start of a new season

It’s that time of year again!  Dad picked the grapes from the backyard vines this morning, and this afternoon we crushed them.  It’s still not a lot of grapes, but over the years, he’s steadily increased the output from this vines.  We have about a bucket and a half of must now, and I know dad’s eager to see what his estate wine can become.  And this was only half the vines!