Never stopped looking

I still find new GI Joe commercials from time to time. Surprisingly, it’s never the ones I know I don’t have, it’s always something new! But it’s not always easy to get them. Case in point, in an old copy of the Hasbro website, they have a commercial you could view. Unfortunately, it was embedded in an swf file and in an off-center frame. I managed to convert the file to a video format and crop out the frame. Time consuming!

Deja Vu

I finally got around to buying a copy of Toy Wars, a book about Hasbro and Mattel from the 50s through the 90s.  While the book does cover  those early decades in good detail, it is most focused on the late 80s and early 90s, as that was when the author was actively observing these companies.  It’s a bit weird actually, to read a book that covers a part of history I actually remember.  Most history books talk about something before my time – something that happened to another generation.  Well now it’s my generation, my childhood.  And this is in a book from 1998!  It simultaneously interests me to learn about all the behind the scenes action and makes me feel old as it analyzes my childhood.  Surreal.

I Just Can’t Help Myself

A few days ago I finally saw a hard to find action figure at a retail store.  It was an Avengers Black Widow figure, and I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy more Avengers toys until I found her.  And now that I have, I’m still trying to limit the amount of toys I get – mostly the movie team.  I can skip the comic incarnations of the characters since I have no desire for them!  Unfortunately, the Nick Fury figure I also found had two upper left arms!  He’s been sent to Hasbro for a replacement.

San Diego Here I Come

We’re less than a day away from this year’s Comic Con.  Like last year, I’ll be taking a light panel load – only 2 I really need to be at, with a third that I’ve been wanting to attend for years now.  Hoping that the exclusives are easy to obtain, and that I don’t go crazy waiting in the HasbroToyShop line.  It’s gonna be a busy weekend!


Over the weekend, I decided to check up on an old suspicion I had regarding a toyline I collected.  This was a short-lived series of 3 3/4″ Marvel Comics figures that had great articulation, but terrible cohesion.  By which I mean, the figures didn’t stay together very well.  Limbs had a tedency to fall off.  Of course, I just popped them right back on and went on my merry little way, so it wasn’t that big a deal.  Nowadays Hasbro puts out there own similar toyline, but this older one I like more because I have all the figures.  At least, I thought I did.  Turns out I missed a variant out there!  Urgh.  In the process of procuring this figure, I think I ended up back in the clutches of Marvel related toys.  Hasbro, stop taking my money!

Model kits old are new

Remember when I mentioned how I got a model kit of the VAMP?  Yeah, I tracked down the other two in the set.  The MOBAT kit had a broken post I needed to repair, and the RAM kit shipped from China and hit New York on its way to me.  Not the most efficient of routes!  I am awaiting decal sets to be made for all three kits before completion.  I won’t be painting any of them because of my shoddy painting skills, and the fact that they look more like the Hasbro toys without the paint!  Once the stickers go on, it’s time for an update to YoJoe’s archives!

Cliffjumper is no Bumblebee

I bought a Japanese exclusive Cliffjumper, which arrived in the mail today.  It’s a red recolor of a Bumblebee toy, which isn’t all that surprising given Hasbro and TakaraTomy’s habits regarding this character over the past four years.  It would have been nice if they at least changed out the head, though.  I’ve got a Cliffjumper with another Autobot’s face!


I have a version of the original Optimus Prime mold that  am trying to upgrade with thrid party items.  I purchased a set over the weekend that give him new hands and accessories, and I’m thinking of getting him stickers to make him more accurate to the cartoon.  There’s only one problem – there’s another version out there with a better head.  Oh the cruel (and expensive!) decisions!  Yes, I am a total schill for Hasbro.

Nerdy G.I. Joe Post

I recently acquired a G.I. Joe helicopter from the 90s.  Made by Hasbro’s subsidiary Kenner, the whole point of the thing is to weld plastic bits onto the body to customize your vehicle.  Sounds dangerous to me!  But I suppose it’s not that bad, since looking up plastic welding sets showed they were still making things like these.  I’m surprised some uptight mom hasn’t sued yet.  I know I’m worried about burning myself on one of these things even now.  Needless to say, I used a glue.