My brain is stuck in Ghostbustersland again.  I went to a panel at Comic Con about IDW’s Ghostbusters comic and the upcoming game from Cryptozoic.  It was just something I went to to pass the time and rest the feet.  I left the panel and went immediately downstairs to IDW’s booth in the exhibit hall and picked up two hardcover collections of their comics.  Now I’m picking up trades that collect the stories I don’t already have.  Awfully hard to concentrate on Joe at the moment!

About time!

After far too many years, I’ve finally started to formally organize my GI Joe comics.  Before, they were spread out wherever I had space to store comics.  Now, I’ve purchased actual comic long boxes for the purpose of organizing and storing them.  I’ve got three long boxes already, but I know I’ll need to purchase another, as well as one that fits magazine sized issues.It’s actually rather surprising how many issues IDW has put out already – not even counting the alternate covers, there’s enough issues out there to outnumber the Marvel run, to say nothing of the Devil’s Due issues!

With a camera in my hand

Since I found myself back home this weekend, I decided to cover WonderCon for YoJoe.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to actually report on, G.I. Joe-wise, but I made sure to go on Friday and cover the IDW panel on the comics, at least.  Sadly, there wasn’t much revealed there, either, but at least I got to enjoy the day at another comic convention.  Plus, my girlfriend has a table in the Artist’s Alley this year.  If nothing else, I got to support her from the sidelines.  And that’s something, right?

All over the place

Even though it was Easter Sunday today, my girlfriend and I spent half the day at Wondercon in Anaheim. There was a comic panel that I wanted to cover for GI Joe, at the very least. So we spent a few hours at the con, mostly spending our time in the exhibit hall. I bought a rare GI Joe accessory, my girlfriend got a Transformers print, and we both saw the IDW comics panel. After that, we drove out to Easter dinner with my mom’s side of the family. Fun day!