New Phone

Upgraded to an iPhone 6 last week!  Thankfully, I no longer have to put up with the broken lock button of my old iPhone 4S.  It’s a bit weird, though – I’m so used to just letting my screen turn off on its own, I sometimes forget to turn it off on my new phone.  Old habits and all that.  At any rate, I’ve already picked up the requisite secondary purchases: a new protective case, and several power cords.  The former because I’m clumsy, the latter because of convenience.

Technology Update

My dad got a shiny new tablet for his birthday, which means I am not the proud owner of a first generation iPad!  Okay, maybe that’s not too impressive at this point, but it’s still a fun thing to have.  I never really liked watching videos on my iPhone since the screen was so small, so having a larger tablet will be much better for that.  It’s just too bad I can’t update the iOS, some of my apps are ending support for 5.1.1 soon.  I did find adapters to add a camera on there, though!

I think San Diego won

Back from an extremely long Comic Con.  My feet are blistered, my shoulders are tense, and my back is crying out in anguish.  Do I admit here that I’m getting older?  No!  For I did indeed survive the convention, if a little worse for wear.  I also learned something – this being my first convention with the iPhone, I don’t need to lug around the laptop on the convention floor.  Honestly, I think that’s what killed my stamina so quickly.  Next year will be different, oh yes.

Yep, More Random Thoughts for the Day

I can’t think of a good topic to write about, so it’s back to my Plan B!

– I got one of the Christmas presents I ordered online in the mail today.  It’s a bit of a relief because the original estimated arrival time was about a month from now!

– My Android tablet has an HDMI port on it, but when I tried running a streaming video off a website through the HDMI cable to the television, the screen kept blacking out.  I’m not sure if this was some sort of DRM protection or if the processor on the tablet couldn’t handle it.

– I really need to get some G.I. Joe vehicle archives done before the end of the year.  It won’t be too long before more come out!

– We celebrated dad’s birthday a few days early this year while Mike was still in town.  Even though I already gave him his birthday present, it still feels weird not to do anything with him on his actual birthday.

– So now that I have an iPhone, what do I do with my old 3rd generation iPod?

An Embarassment of Riches

I mentioned on Twitter that I acquired an Android tablet and an iPhone in the span of 24 hours.  One of them was a birthday present, while the other was a coincidentally-timed upgrade.  Dad and I had both been wanting to upgrade our phone, and the plan was to get iPhone 5s.  Unfortunately, our preorders weren’t handled properly and we didn’t get them when they debuted.  And of course, they haven’t been available anywhere since then.  In the interim, dad had actually broken his existing phone and decided to replace it with an iPhone 4S.  The caveat was that when the 5 became available, I would get his 4S. So while a group of us were hiding out at a T.G.I. Friday’s to escape my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I decided to kill a little time by walking across the parking lot to check out the After-Thanksgiving deals at Best Buy.  After meandering around the store a bit, I figured I should check their stock of iPhones.  Surprisingly, they had quite a few instock!  Had to call up my dad 100 yards away and stay put to make sure he got his new phone.  And an hour later, I got to say goodbye to my craptastic Palm Pre!

The only trouble I have now?  Differentiating when I would use my tablet and when I would use my phone.  There’s a lot of overlap here, and it’s kind of awkward to admit that I need to separate their uses.  Any suggestions?