It’s been something of a stressful week at work.  What was a long weekend turned into a terrifyingly short work week, as our deadlines aren’t being met!  I’m keeping my head above water, though.  Just dealing with my own neuroses, I guess.


With my job, we have to send out our ads by the beginning of the weekend so people will see the sales dealerships are having.  That means that our work really has to be done by lunch time Thursday.  So I’m on my weekend already!  It’s nice having long weekends.  On the other hand, to get to 40 hours a week, I have 3 12-hour workdays.  At least I’m not on my feet for all that time!

Getting into it

I’m now in my second week in my new job.  I’ve gotten the hang of most of my tasks, though the actual design work still eludes me.  I’ve had a couple of good ideas there, but also a couple of not so good ones, too.  My responsibilities are steadily increasing, as they’re seeing what I can handle.  The hours may be longs, but so are my weekends as a result!

Brand New Day

Just finished my first day at the new job!  Obviously there was a lot of instruction going on for me.  I had to learn what my job actually is, after all!  But I think it’s work I could be good at, and even if the hours are long, I should be able to get through the day just fine.