A Fun Day

Mom and I went to Disneyland today to try check out the new stuff.  We actually got to the park before opening, so when we were able, mom got into the Star Tours line, and I went for the Fastpass line.  I got the Fastpass after about 10 minutes, so I got mom out of line.  Why?  So we could park hop to California Adventure for the Little Mermaid ride!  We were actually there for opening as well, so mom got in line while I waited for Word of Color tickets.  This worked out incredibly well, as the line for Little Mermaid was really short at that time, practically a walk-on.  When we got out, it was time for breakfast on Main Street, U.S.A., and then Star Tours 2.0.  With the Fastpasses, the wait was only about 5 minutes.  I seriously did not expect my plan to work this well.  Oh, Star Tours is definitely worth the hype.  Can’t wait to go back and see the other segments!