About time!

After far too many years, I’ve finally started to formally organize my GI Joe comics.  Before, they were spread out wherever I had space to store comics.  Now, I’ve purchased actual comic long boxes for the purpose of organizing and storing them.  I’ve got three long boxes already, but I know I’ll need to purchase another, as well as one that fits magazine sized issues.It’s actually rather surprising how many issues IDW has put out already – not even counting the alternate covers, there’s enough issues out there to outnumber the Marvel run, to say nothing of the Devil’s Due issues!

Brick a brac

We got Lego Marvel Superheroes for Christmas. Much like Lego Batman, it’s a fun game that meshes well with my sense of humor. Sure, the formula’s pretty established by now with the other Lego game I’ve played, but it does make for an interesting variation on the theme. Plus, how could you hate a game where the side quests are saving Stan Lee from all sorts of peril?


Over the weekend, I decided to check up on an old suspicion I had regarding a toyline I collected.  This was a short-lived series of 3 3/4″ Marvel Comics figures that had great articulation, but terrible cohesion.  By which I mean, the figures didn’t stay together very well.  Limbs had a tedency to fall off.  Of course, I just popped them right back on and went on my merry little way, so it wasn’t that big a deal.  Nowadays Hasbro puts out there own similar toyline, but this older one I like more because I have all the figures.  At least, I thought I did.  Turns out I missed a variant out there!  Urgh.  In the process of procuring this figure, I think I ended up back in the clutches of Marvel related toys.  Hasbro, stop taking my money!