Finally, I have audio!

When I was watching Top Gear on Netflix several weeks ago, I was annoyed that the Polar Special wasn’t immediately available.  Fortunately, it was added within a few days of me starting to watch the episodes off the service.  Unfortunately, there was no audio!  I don’t know if this was a unique problem to the Wii version of Netflix, but I assumed it was a one-time glitch and would soon fix itself.  It didn’t.  After a few weeks, I mentioned the problem to Netflix itself through their webpage.  By this time, we had switched to watching Netflix over a Blu-Ray player.  The Polar Special didn’t even show up on the list of episodes there!  Well, I was pleased to find it finally showed up when I checked again tonight, and finally, it had audio!  Now I could actually legitimately watch this show!

Blu-Ray Upgrades

After installing Netflix on the Wii last month, I enjoyed the availability of tv shows I watched.  But they weren’t in high-definition.  Somehow I got my parents to agree with me, and we decided the best course of action was to get another Blu-Ray player.  Mom was apparently eager to get it as soon as possible, so we bought a new one today.  The old Blu-Ray player went upstairs to the other high-def tv, while the new one went to our Bravia.  Integrated wi-fi, netflix, and assorted other apps made setting this Blu-Ray player up a little more complex than the old one.  In fact, I had to call up Sony at one point to have them reset the registration – our player was a display item from Best Buy.  A bit of a hassle dealing with that, but the $115 discount is hard to beat!