Little Victories

While my girlfriend was shopping at the nearby Japanese market, she spotted some Transformers Kabaya model kits in their little toy aisle.  These have shown up off and on for a few years now, so I always hold out hope that whatever current wave gets stocked.  This happened to be the latest wave with Star Convoy and others!  I was actually a bit surprised, as I didn’t expect to see them show up there for at least another month – I only first saw them at Botcon in June.  But she picked them up for me, and only for about a dollar more than its Japanese retail price!


Unlike last year, this year’s Botcon went according to plan!  I spent two days there with my friends, attended the panel I wanted to see, and even picked up a new Optimus Prime figure.  Oddly though, the convention was in a smaller room than 2011′s convention.  I guess the craft fair that was also going on got to reserve space first.  Still though, I had a fun time all-around.  And yes, it ended all too soon.


I have a version of the original Optimus Prime mold that  am trying to upgrade with thrid party items.  I purchased a set over the weekend that give him new hands and accessories, and I’m thinking of getting him stickers to make him more accurate to the cartoon.  There’s only one problem – there’s another version out there with a better head.  Oh the cruel (and expensive!) decisions!  Yes, I am a total schill for Hasbro.

Ultra Magnus!

Picked up another Transformer over the weekend, though who I got should be fairly obvious by the title of the post.  I got the first version of this character because, let’s face it, it’s a white Optimus Prime.  Kind of a tangent of my collecting focus, I suppose, but a neat one.  A hefty figure, too, since I made sure I had the die-cast metal variation.  And though I didn’t think it was when I bought it, this guy had all the necessary parts, too.  And even better?  The trailer can hold my Alternity Convoy quite nicely!

Unusual Signs of Life

The post Comic Con lows have hit me pretty hard this year.  I slept in later than normal Monday, and woke up hours earlier on Tuesday.  My sleep schedule’s off, my shoulders still ache from the backpack and camera bag I wore for five days straight, and I have a whole lot of crap to sort through.  This con is exhausting but fun, and I fully plan to be back next year.  Something must be wrong with me.

Generation 2!

At the Anaheim Comic Con, I picked up a few trade paperbacks from the discount trade booths.  Among those, I got some out of print guidebooks for Transformers.  One of them documented all the Generation 2 toys, very nice since I don’t have good documentation on these toys.  It’s weird, I don’t collect much Transformers outside of Optimus Prime, but I do like being able to look up what’s out there.  Either way, looking through this guide, it really reminded me that the Generation 2 line was my line of Transformers more than any other.  Mike was the primary Generation 1 collector, though I got his hand-me-downs and a few Action Masters to call my own.  Unlike the other toy lines I sold before college, I really regret getting rid of my Transformers.

Not Quite Optimus Prime

I have a Transformer from Japan that was released over here as Optimus Prime.  There, not so much.  Which is kind of hilarious because it’s hard to see him as anything but Optimus Prime.  But no, he’s “Ginrai.”  Well, technically, I have “God Ginrai” since I have him combined with another Transformer named “Godbomber.”  I’ll try to spare you the half-assed excuse given for why Ginrai looks so much like Optimus Prime.  Just know that this toy is pretty awesome – A small human figure pegs into a small robot that can fold into a larger robot that can combine with another robot to become an even larger robot.  It’s Matroshka Transformers!  And it is good.