Convention Hike

Survived Comic Con!  This year I did things a little differently, staying at a cousin’s apartment and taking the trolley into town.  It was actually very convenient – the trolley is literally adjoining the apartment complex, and is the same line that goes directly to the convention center.  The only problem is that there’s a cliff between the apartment complex and the trolley stop, so you have to take three streets and a steep hill around to get to it.  Not too bad at the start of the day, but murder at the end!  Thankfully, my cousin was willing to pick me up on most of the days.

Time to review

I’ve got a figure review to do, but I must admit I’ve been slow to start.  It’s a 12 inch figure, and very high quality.  The first delays were in rounding up some other figures that were spread among a few houses so I could do a good comparison shot.  The next delay?  Well, this figure comes with several pairs of hands, but only four wrist connectors.  It’s a bit of a pain to swap out the wrist connector for each hand, but luckily I found a website that sold those connectors very cheaply.  I put off doing the review until I got those in the mail.  Then, well, Comic Con happened.  So I’ve finally gotten around to start taking pics today.  Hopefully this review will be up by the end of the week!

I think San Diego won

Back from an extremely long Comic Con.  My feet are blistered, my shoulders are tense, and my back is crying out in anguish.  Do I admit here that I’m getting older?  No!  For I did indeed survive the convention, if a little worse for wear.  I also learned something – this being my first convention with the iPhone, I don’t need to lug around the laptop on the convention floor.  Honestly, I think that’s what killed my stamina so quickly.  Next year will be different, oh yes.

The Con is on

I’m back in San Diego for another Comic Con.  I have to admit, over the years, this convention has been less fun and more work, but I do still tend to enjoy myself in spite of it all.  It’s not a good sign that my feet are already aching, though!  We’ve only just finished Day 1, so there’s still quite a bit of the convention to endure.  I’ve got my schedule mostly worked out, and it should be doable, but I am going to be very sore by the end of it all.

Piled on

With the San Diego Comic Con and GI Joe Convention so close together this year, I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks.  Now that I’m finally through them, it’s time to refocus and get back into the groove.  There’s still plenty of work to do, and more keeps getting added all the time!  I’m moving as fast as I can, but there’s a lot of toys out there to archive!