Been a While

I’ve kind of been putting off making blog post for a while, partly out of a need to keep some separation with the last post, and partly because I kept forgetting to make more posts when I intended to make them. Whoops!

On Saturday, my girlfriend and I traveled back to the San Diego Safari Park, our first visit since last year. We prioritized seeing the shows and exhibits we didn’t have time for last time.

But the biggest difference was the heat! Easily 20 degrees warmer than last time. That really took a toll on our stamina, sober couldn’t stay as long as before. But we still felt like we got our money’s worth! We saw a lot of exhibits and a few shows; we just decided to be a little smarter about our schedule.

It’s a Zoo out there

Tomorrow, my girlfriend and I will be heading to the San Diego Zoo.  Like the Safari Park, it’s a place she’s never been, and one I haven’t visited in quite a while.  And while I do enjoy the Safari Park better, I still think it’s worth showing the Zoo to someone who’s never been.  It’ll be a long day of driving and hiking, but it should be worth it.  Hopefully my legs aren’t killing me by the end – I recall there’s quite a bit of elevation change in that park!

What a View

On Saturday I went with some friends down to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  I hadn’t been in several years (which is why I still call it the Wild Animal Park), and my friends hadn’t been at all.  I wanted to show them why this place was my favorite zoo, but words don’t really express my reasons well.  I mean, saying there’s a really large area for the animals to live in, and they look happier for it is true, but it doesn’t really convey the scope of it.  But taking them there was worth it for their first experience.  And I get to share this panoramic view I took with all of you:

Right-click and view image to see its full size.