My poor wallet

I purchased a new laptop today.  Weird to say, it’s the biggest purchase I’ve made so far in my life.  I know at this point, I should have bought a car or house or something, but I have yet to go down that path.  Which probably explains my nonexistent credit score.  At any rate, this new laptop is Star Wars themed, has pretty good specs, and will hopefully last for quite a while.  My current laptop is dying a slow death, complete with loose monitor connection and sporadic crashes.  I’m definitely due for an upgrade!

Here we go again

Obviously with the release of new Star Wars movie toys, I’ve been keeping tabs on things.  But I haven’t bought a whole lot!  Trying my best to keep to Original Trilogy figures, with better articulation than is standard these days.  So far it’s been easy to resist temptation.  Let’s see how long that lasts after I see the new film.

Tears of a fanboy

Yesterday I found out that my local Toys R Us is closing. I went to check it out today and saw that the video game section was already devastated. I know it’s a bit silly to mourn the loss of one location of a major chain store, but this was my local toy store for the last 15 years.

It was there, in 1997, that I first saw the “Stars and Stripes” set that set me on the road to actively collecting G.I. Joes. Star Wars and Justice League collections were amassed here. It’s just been such a large part of my own identity that it’s to let it go.

Tempted by the fruit of another

Star Wars on Blu-Ray – I’m torn.  On the one hand, I definitely don’t need the films, especially since there’s been yet more revisions to them.  On the other hand, 40 hours of bonus features is something I can really get behind.  Deleted scenes are my home video kryptonite, truly.  And having Star Wars in high-def is something that appeals to me.  I should probably just wait for my birthday – the conundrum just may resolve itself!  Now, about those Blu-Ray of the Lord of The Rings extended editions!