Little Victories

While my girlfriend was shopping at the nearby Japanese market, she spotted some Transformers Kabaya model kits in their little toy aisle.  These have shown up off and on for a few years now, so I always hold out hope that whatever current wave gets stocked.  This happened to be the latest wave with Star Convoy and others!  I was actually a bit surprised, as I didn’t expect to see them show up there for at least another month – I only first saw them at Botcon in June.  But she picked them up for me, and only for about a dollar more than its Japanese retail price!

3D Printing!

Picked up a Transformers figure I’d been meaning to get for a while – the price just hadn’t been right.  It’s a Botcon exclusive, but the only one I really wanted from that year.  The only downside is that he didn’t have a proper head, as he was just a straight redeco of an earlier figure.  But I’m trying out Shapeways for the first time – someone created a more fitting head for him and has it for sale there.  This should be an interesting experience!


Unlike last year, this year’s Botcon went according to plan!  I spent two days there with my friends, attended the panel I wanted to see, and even picked up a new Optimus Prime figure.  Oddly though, the convention was in a smaller room than 2011′s convention.  I guess the craft fair that was also going on got to reserve space first.  Still though, I had a fun time all-around.  And yes, it ended all too soon.

Have Another Random Thoughts for the Day

– My girlfriend’s aunt is staying with us for about a month.  So far we’ve been passing the evenings by watching Top Gear specials.

– My grandmother has me doing a little painting on her house tomorrow.  Shouldn’t take too long, so hopefully my clothes won’t have random paint splotches on them when I leave.

– I have gathered candy for my first Halloween at this apartment.  I’m told there aren’t a lot of kids that drop by, but I’m crossing fingers we get some visitors.

– Finally have a First Edition Cliffjumper figure that doesn’t break five minutes out of the package!

– My girlfriend really, really likes Pacific Rim.