Digging Up the Past

Talking with a friend about our mutual love of Ghostbusters over the weekend reminded me that there were live shows at Universal Studios Florida.  I even got to see two different ones on my two different visits.  The best one was by far the stage show, the Ghostbusters Spooktacular, I saw in 1994.  I was glad to see there are videos of it up on Youtube.  We only had still cameras to work with, but I do still have the brochure!

Ghostbusters Spooktacular

Rainy Day Shenanigans

The girlfriend and I went to Universal Studios today.  There was a chance of rain in the forecast, but we didn’t think it would be too bad.  We got there at park opening and walked onto the Transformers ride, naturally.  A little cold, but dry.  Until we exited the building.  It was raining, but that was okay, we’d just get on again!  It got worse.  While we were both wearing rain jackets, neither was the type to withstand a heavy downpour for very long.  On top of that, the wind picked up.  We made the ultimately wise decision to get some cheap ponchos from the gift shop.  Afterwards, we went on the tram ride, since they pulled down the rain guard and it would be dry.  Remember the wind thing?  Yeah, it was still pretty cold.  So we took in a few more indoor rides and shows and some warm snacks for the next few ours to stay warm and dry.  We did see what we came to see, so we weren’t too saddened.  Annual Passes have ways of mitigating these circumstances like that.  Ultimately, we had lunch in the Citywalk and left for the day.  Of course, by then the worst of the rain was over!

Giant Robots and Me

Finally got a chance to go on Transformers The Ride at Universal Studios.  I am definitely pleased with it!  And since we waited so long to finally ride it, the crowds weren’t terrible when we got to the park shortly after opening.  In fact, we got to ride it three times – twice in the normal line as a walk-on, and once in the single rider line with barely any wait.  And the gift store was sorely tempting – I managed to get out of there after buying one item for myself and another for my friend.  My poor girlfriend was not so lucky.  I’m fairly certain we’ll be back there if only for her to finish getting what she couldn’t on the last trip!  I’m very much looking forward to what else is planned for the park – not much had changed there over the years, and it was really starting to get stale.