Fingers crossed

As promised, I did hit up Fry’s today and purchase those CD-Rs.  After a few minutes burning from the laptop at home, labels were applied, and discs were packaged.  They went out this afternoon.  I’m not totally nervous, but neither am I completely confidant in my success rate.  But hey, the worse that will happen is I get no response.  As far as bad consequences go, it’s pretty tame.

Well that was fast

I appear to have made a critical error in putting these demo discs together – I don’t have any discs!  Specifically, CD-Rs.  I could have sworn I bought a set specifically for this task, but if I did, they have mysteriously vanished.  And of course I only find this out after Fry’s has closed for the day.  Typical.  I guess I know where I’m heading tomorrow.  For now, I’m completing what I can.  The actual burning of the demo to discs shouldn’t take all that long anyways.