Finally, I have audio!

When I was watching Top Gear on Netflix several weeks ago, I was annoyed that the Polar Special wasn’t immediately available.  Fortunately, it was added within a few days of me starting to watch the episodes off the service.  Unfortunately, there was no audio!  I don’t know if this was a unique problem to the Wii version of Netflix, but I assumed it was a one-time glitch and would soon fix itself.  It didn’t.  After a few weeks, I mentioned the problem to Netflix itself through their webpage.  By this time, we had switched to watching Netflix over a Blu-Ray player.  The Polar Special didn’t even show up on the list of episodes there!  Well, I was pleased to find it finally showed up when I checked again tonight, and finally, it had audio!  Now I could actually legitimately watch this show!

Blu-Ray Upgrades

After installing Netflix on the Wii last month, I enjoyed the availability of tv shows I watched.  But they weren’t in high-definition.  Somehow I got my parents to agree with me, and we decided the best course of action was to get another Blu-Ray player.  Mom was apparently eager to get it as soon as possible, so we bought a new one today.  The old Blu-Ray player went upstairs to the other high-def tv, while the new one went to our Bravia.  Integrated wi-fi, netflix, and assorted other apps made setting this Blu-Ray player up a little more complex than the old one.  In fact, I had to call up Sony at one point to have them reset the registration – our player was a display item from Best Buy.  A bit of a hassle dealing with that, but the $115 discount is hard to beat!

Yet another Transformers post

I got Transformers: Cybertron Adventures for the Wii today from Toys R Us.  I had a 20% off coupon that expired in a week, and buying it gave me a $10 gift card.  I wanted the game anyways, even if the reviews for it aren’t the greatest, so I think it was worth the effort.  Truthfully, I want it because it has co-op!  War for Cybertron on the XBox 360 is fun to look at and play, but it’s got no local co-op mode so I can’t play with my girlfriend.  Frustrating!  Hopefully this will help ameliorate that, and hey, the story is kinda different, so maybe it will keep us interested.  We won’t know what happens next!

Video Games!

Though we’ve had a Wii since Christmas, I hadn’t bought any games for it until recently.  Going to a Big Lots and seeing a few games I was interested in at very low prices made it an easy choice.  I’ve since gone to a GameStop and picked up the Wii version of Ghostbusters.  Though I had the PC version, the Wii is the only one with co-op multiplayer, the artwork is different, and the gameplay is slightly changed up.  Kind of interesting seeing what’s new, what’s gone, and how my roommates react to the story.  They both seem to like it so far, so I think I made the right choice!