What’s going on here?

I wanted to post something yesterday, but I found I wasn’t able to do anything!  Somehow, wordpress wasn’t able to communicate with my database at all.  Which caused problems.  And worry, can’t forget that!

I barely know what I’m doing with wordpress sometimes, so for something to break like this, I was not feeling at ease.  Of course, I also know I likely wasn’t the one at fault, either.  I hadn’t messed with the database at all, and the last time I checked, my website was working just fine.

I did a little research, and it looked like I had two options: do nothing and wait for my webhost to fix the issue, or change my password.  I changed my password, but it had no immediate effect.  Hopefully, this was an issue on the host company side of things.

I guess it was, because my website is back now.  Let that be a lesson, kids:  all your problems go away as long as you wait for someone else to fix them for you!

The silent treatment

There’s been a whirlwind of family activity going on these past few weeks, and some of those events have made blogging about my boring little life seem difficult.  I don’t want to get too wrapped up in the details, but it just seemed like a bad time to crack wise or talk about the non-events of my daily goings-on.

But I have to keep on keeping on, I suppose.  Which means that my first post in 2015 is about how I haven’t posted in 2015 yet.  Yep, sounds about right.

Not again

One of my wordpress plugins is acting up again.  I actually did a full reinstall of wordpress on Saturday night, but that didn’t actually fix the problem.  Simply turning off that plugin made this functional again, but it doesn’t really solve the issue so much as avoid it.  This is the same plugin that started screwing up wordpress the first time around, so maybe it’s on that end?  Either way, I can’t use the mobile app.


A wile back I posted that my wordpress setup was seriously crippled.  I made the cardinal mistake – I tried to fix it.  Now to be fair, I knew I couldn’t do it by myself, so I enlisted the aid of some of my friends who have IT jobs.

Yeah, they could only do so much.  In then end, I had to nuke the whole thing and start over again.  The nuking occurred a few days ago.  The starting all over again reluctantly began today.

I actually did have a backup for this blog, but it only went back to the beginning of March.  And once I had everything decently setup, it was still a bit tricky importing the old posts.  What was missing from the backup I restored using a mixture of search engine caches and my RSS feed.  Not fun individually re-adding about 30 posts, but much easier than adding back in 360-something!

But everything’s back in now, with the possible loss of some tags and category listings on a few posts.  The design of the site is a little different now, but that may be tied into what screwed up my blog in the first place.  And as a plus side, hey, my wordpress to twitter function should be restored!

What’s the over/under on when I have to do this again?

Screwed Up

Somewhere along the way, my wordpress setup got jumbled.  I don’t know how, but it doesn’t update properly any more, and trying to get a plugin to automatically publish my posts to twitter seems to screw everything up.  I know enough about this thing to get it barely working again, but it’s not a long term solution.  In short, I really need help fixing this database.

The new Phil's Thoughts!

Well, it’s March, and with FTP access through Blogger ending in a few days, I figured I’d switch over to WordPress.  So here I am!  I moved this to my index page since my blog seems to be the only thing I update these days.  Bear with me as I figure out how to use this thing, and expect the page setup to change around a few times.

And to those of you reading off an RSS feed (that means you, Facebook readers) please take a moment to check out my actual website!